Ambala Full Movie In Tamil Hd 1080p

ambala full movie in tamil hd 1080p is a tamil movie released in 2013 and directed by sathya krishnan. The film stars popular actors such as jai, nayanthara and vijay.This film is a romantic story about two college students taking their education to the next level with the help of an online tutorial. They start dating as they explore computing code that leads them on a journey of self-discovery, finding love along the way. ambala full movie in tamil hd 1080p ambala full movie in tamil hd 1080p is a recently released tamil film and was released in 2014. The film stars actors such as vijay and jai. The film deals with the life of a young software engineer, who has to deal with family problems, love and work pressure regarding the development of an artificial intelligence software system. This movie deals with issues such as suicide, loneliness and self-worth.[1] The theme of the story is based on technology immersing social problems by changing behavior through technology.[2] This theme is commonly depicted using movies stories. For the rest we will discuss some themes that we can see in this movie. The main characters of the movie are Vijay (An engineer) and Jai (Joker). Vijay is a software engineer who has high ambitions to make his software program work perfectly. This is however hard for him since he does not have much knowledge about artificial intelligence systems. On the other hand, Jai is an MBA student and has experience interacting with people and understanding their emotions and thinking patterns. He helps Vijay to understand more about AI systems and build a new system for his application. This is how they become friends with each other and continue to work together in making his applications work perfectly. While working together on their program, they try to understand each other's thoughts and feeling, by talking to each other on the phone. The first scene of the movie depicts Vijay playing with Jai's dad. The father tells him that he had always heard about his son having potentials, but was not able to see it. He however saw him in front of him right now for the first time. He is also challenged by Jai's dad to play some chess with him which he accepts. Vijay wins the game against his father which seems to be half-way challenging him that his son is better than the father at chess. Jai and Vijay also play a video game session in Jai's house which is shown in the second scene. They both seem to be enjoying it and the movie shows Jai winning this game. The movie continues with Vijay's mother joining them and telling Jai that she had always heard about her son's smartness and wishes to become his friend. Shortly after, we see Vijay at a birthday party of an important person, who was supposed to give him an award for his software but did not do so. He was upset because of this and becomes angry with the person who did not give him the award because he had never met him before.


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